DPDgroup shows online shopping changes across Europe

DPDgroup has released its 2021 e-shopper barometer report that analyses changes in e-commerce. This year the pandemic has had a particular impact on European online shopping habits.

One of the biggest changes has been food delivery – this is now the top category of things bought online.

The report also showed that a big demand from shoppers is the ability to set up a time for delivery. Next day delivery is also a growing trend.

A final highlight is that consumers increasingly want a sustainable delivery service with carriers taking measures to tackle their carbon footprint.

Jean-Claude Sonet, DPDgroup’s Executive Vice-President in charge Marketing, Communication and CSR Director, DPDgroup, said ”Every year since 2016, the DPDgroup e-shopper barometer report has offered significant insight into the evolving e-commerce industry, revealing market trends and shedding light on the latest tastes and behaviours of Europeans who buy online. Faced with the Covid-19 health crisis, which radically altered the daily lives and habits of billions of people around the world, DPDgroup took a close look at the sweeping effects that the crisis had on e-tailers and e-shoppers alike.”