DPDHL opens largest sorting centre in Germany

DPDHL has announced that it has opened Germany’s largest parcel sorting centre in Obertshausen. It will have a capacity of 50,000 parcels an hour, and is the 34th parcel centre run by DPDHL in the country.

Among the other facts about its size, it has more than 6km of sorting and conveyor lines and over 400 sorting terminal points, sharing around 37,000 m² of floor space. Staff will use the space to load packages for further shipping elsewhere in Germany. 600 staff will work there, who will primarily work on sorting parcels and deliveries.

The new sorting centre is powered by a modern combined and heat power (CHP) plant that will heat the hall as well as generating electricity.

DPDHL Group’s post, eCommerce, parcel board member Jürgen Gerdes said of the new sorting centre, “For this project, we took completely new paths and, for the first time, even assumed the role of producer for the installed sorting system.

“That gives us not only great innovation potential, but also allows us to constantly develop our own technical knowledge.”

Hessian state premier Volker Bouffier said, “In very few regions is the globally connected economy as noticeable as it is here in the Rhine-Main area.”

Partly in response to reports of double digit growth in the e-commerce industry, major companies such as DPDHL are investing heavily in new facilities. At least in the UK (whose e-commerce market is by far the largest in Europe) this has resulted in great overcapacity and this in turn has impacted the bottom line for such delivery businesses. If the sector continues to grow at the rates currently (with political uncertainty factored in, this can’t be promised) then the overcapacity should meet future demand. If there is a slump this could hit overstretched delivery companies very7 hard.