DPDHL – zero carbon logistics

In addition to its profits, Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) today made a commitment to a target of zero emissions in its logistics by 2050.

DPDHL said that it hopes it can “contribute meaningfully to achieving the goal of limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius established at the 2015 Paris climate conference (COP 21), as well as to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

In doing so, DPDHL emphasised how it wants to become “the market leader in green logistics”.

“The decisions we make today will determine how our children live 30 years down the line,” said Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

On the way to its long-term zero by 2050 target, DPDHL Group plans to pass four “interim milestones” by 2025 as part of its “GoGreen” programme.

Those four milestones are:

• Globally, Deutsche Post DHL Group will increase the carbon efficiency of its own activities and those of its transport subcontractors by 50% compared to the 2007 baseline.

• At the local level, the Group aims to improve the lives of people right where they live and work using clean transport solutions. Deutsche Post DHL Group will operate 70% of its own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions e.g. by bike and electric vehicle.

• More than 50% of sales will incorporate Green Solutions, making customers’ supply chains greener.

• The Group will train and certify 80% of its employees as GoGreen specialists by 2025, and actively involve them in its environmental and climate protection activities. The company also plans to join with partners to plant one million trees every year.

The Group set another climate target a few years ago. This was to improve carbon efficiency by 30% over the 2007 baseline, and this was achieved four years ahead of schedule in 2016.

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report and is now available on the Group website.

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