Drone Major Group offering ‘full connectivity’

The new company, the Drone Major Group has announced it is to provide an integrated suite of products and services for the drone industry around the world.

In a statement, Drone Major said that it is launching an online portal that will “facilitate the sale of drones and drone-related equipment and services throughout the world”.

Companies can also join a membership scheme that offers added value benefits and ‘one-stop’ services that include advice and guidance from ‘Drone Major experts’. The firm has said its current members comprise more than 80% of the global drone market and include some of the world’s largest operators in the sector.

The Drone Major group includes SUAS Global (Surface, Underwater, Air, Space), an online network for the drone industry with over 40,000 global subscribers; the software development company Software Major; and Cyber Major, a fast growth risk assessment and resolution consultancy.

Robert Garbett, Founder and Chief Executive, Drone Major Group Limited, commented: “The advance of the drone industry towards full connectivity is inevitable. How long this will take will depend on the will of the industry and its ability to develop robust standards; the willingness of regulators to enable new applications; the advancement of technology to tackle the challenges ahead; and the ability of the innovators to understand what technology is available to enable their vision of the future.”  
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