Dropoff – customers losing trust in P2P delivery

A third of US consumers have lost trust in crowdsourced, peer to peer delivery services according to new research from the same-day delivery specialist couriers Dropoff.

Dropoff released a statement that said, “70% of those surveyed have had their deliveries arrive late and 42% have experienced a damaged delivery. Most notable 72%, up from 52% in 2016, want a more professional delivery person. Also, a majority of respondents said if a retailer’s delivery person was unprofessional they would not shop with that merchant again.”

Dropoff added: “Retailers should expect delivery partners to act as extensions of their business and reflect their values from customer purchase all the way through delivery.”

The survey also emphasized how important fast delivery is to the modern consumer. According to Dropoff, 98% of Millennials and 96% of Gen Xers consider quick delivery important when buying online. Furthermore, said Dropoff, “43%, up from 40% in 2016, said that how fast a merchant can deliver is more important than that merchant’s brand reputation when it comes to online shopping decisions.”

In announcing the findings of its survey, Dropoff also took the opportunity to unveil its new “Dropoff Tracker” product. Armed with the Tracker app, Dropoff clients can now “view and track all their same-day deliveries and the delivery Agents assigned to them simultaneously across multiple locations”.

This news may give heart to companies in an already crowded marketplace who have seen the rise of the P2P industry as a threat to them in the way Uber did taxis. Customer distrust could be a killer to this nascent sector.  
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