Dropoff – US customers waking up to same-day delivery

Same-day B2B delivery firm Dropoff has published the results of a survey showing that 60% of US shoppers are more likely to buy gifts from online retailers offering same-day delivery.

The same-day couriers also found that 67% of last-minute shoppers will choose same-day delivery where possible.

Dropoff found that 90% of shoppers said that gifts need to be delivered on time, and this is more important than when the purchase is for themselves. 89% of shoppers said that when they have discovered a same-day delivery offer from an online retailer, they are ‘extremely likely’ to recommend that retailer to friends and family.

“The holiday shopping season is a pivotal time for retailers, with tremendous opportunity to earn consumers’ loyalty,” said Sean Spector, CEO of Dropoff.

Same-day delivery is a buzzword of today. It is highly expensive to organise and cramming the logistic processes that might take 24 hours into just an eighth or less of that time are a great achievement. Other than the research by Dropoff, surveys among customers in the UK and US has shown enthusiasm for the service, but at best this will have limited reach and limited numbers of SKUs being offered.
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