DSV e-Commerce Solutions launches

Global logistics players DSV has launched DSV e-Commerce Solutions for their shipper clients who serve end customers directly.

DSC e-Commerce Solutions combines standardised warehousing processes, off-the-shelf automation concepts, IT integration and implementation into a streamlined service.

According to the director of DSV e-Commerce Solutions Hugo van Daal, the business unit will give customers greater visibility and control over their operations, stock levels and last-mile delivery.

Van Daal said, “DSV’s activities in setting up sizeable e-commerce operations for major consumer brands have gathered pace over the past few years, and we now run multiple mega-sized e-commerce facilities around the logistics hotspots in Europe, North America and Asia.”

Ronald Poort, CCO of DSV Solutions division, said, “We manage multi-channel operations for the majority of DSV’s long-standing e-commerce customers. It is the combination of retail flows with the direct-to-consumer flows and notably the fluctuations and shifts or migrations from one channel to the other that creates complexity. We have now combined our system capabilities with our specialist expertise to tackle these challenges.”