DVSA driver hours enforcement to be tightened up

New rules are coming in on how the UK government agency (the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, or DVSA) deals with commercial drivers who have broken the rules on driving hours and break times.

Currently the DVSA is only able to fine drivers for offences that they have committed on the day that they have committed the offence. The DVSA can also fine drivers for ongoing offences such as manipulating tachographs that record drivers’ hours.

The government has announced new rules where the DVSA traffic examiners will have the power to issue on the spot fines for any driver’s hours offences that have been committed in the last 28 days. When the new rules are introduced the examiners will be able to issue fines for up to five drivers’ hours offences, adding up to £1500 in fines in one spot check. In addition the fines can be imposed even if the offences took place outside the UK.

The rules being introduced will also apply to drivers who do not live in the UK. The new DVSA powers will force foreign drivers to pay those fines immediately before they are allowed to continue their journey. In order to achieve this the DVSA will have powers to immobilise the vehicle until payment is made.

The government has released a statement that said that the new rules will be instituted at a later date that will be “confirmed nearer the time”. With the potential danger of tired or sleeping drivers at the wheels of LGVs this news may well alleviate the dangers on Britain’s roads.  
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