E-cargo-bike grants available on Isle of Wight

Organisations in the Isle of Wight have been invited to bid for grants of up to £30,000 to introduce e-cargo-bikes to the island. The Isle of Wight Council is offering the money.

The hope is that e-cargo-bikes will replace van delivery on shorter routes. This should reduce congestion and pollution there.

The council grant is part of the Sustainable Transport Access Fund, a pot of money from central government.

Cllr Ian Ward, Isle of Wight cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said: “We are inviting organisations to come forward for the chance of competitively winning a grant to support the introduction of electric cargo bikes on the Island.

“Aside from the environmental benefits, the cost savings for using an electric cargo bike or trike to replace other modes making short ‘last mile’ deliveries can be substantial. I would encourage interested organisations to apply.”

There is another pot of money, this time directly available from the Department for Transport that offers a similar grant.


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