E-cargo-bikes boosted by UK government

The UK government has allotted £2 million of funding to promote the use of e-cargo-bikes and electric delivery vehicles instead of older polluting vans in an attempt to reduce emissions and congestion.

According to the government there is an increase in the use of diesel vans catering to the e-commerce boom. These have the effect of causing congestion, emit CO2 and dangerous particulates, and have a negative impact on the environment. In promoting e-cargo-bikes so the government hopes to reduce emissions and congestion. Electric vans by comparison will only tackle the emissions problem without tackling congestion.

“Support for e-cargo bikes will help to ensure that Britain leads the way in the development and deployment of the technologies of the future,” said low emissions minister Jesse Norman. “Encouraging electric delivery bikes on to our city streets will cut traffic and improve air quality, and will show how these vehicles have the potential to play an important role in the zero emission future of this country.”