EAV to trial FCEV delivery vans in Scotland

Oxfordshire based micro mobility manufacturers EAV are working with Aberdeenshire City Council to develop hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) last mile delivery vehicles.

The lightweight urban delivery vehicles are being developed with support from the EU and Scottish government and the project will be tested by DPD and other academic and industry bodies.

Adam Barmby, CEO and founder of EAV, explained, “The use of hydrogen fuel cells in the last- or even mid-mile scenario is a very interesting proposition. Within EAV we observe the development of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market daily. Apart from our concerns over the weight of the increasing number of battery-powered vehicles, we keep questioning where all these batteries are going to come from. It’s a known fact that the raw materials for battery production are in short supply, which is why EAV focuses on weight reduction, so we use less energy and therefore require fewer batteries.

“To take this process even further, we’ve wanted to develop a hydrogen fuel cell option that requires a vehicle to have even fewer batteries as the electricity comes from the hydrogen reaction, which is about as environmentally friendly as you can get.”

The FCEV system will operate on the EAV 2Cubed vehicle platform. This is a lightweight chassis and has been proven on last mile delivery vehicles in operation across Europe. The fuel cells will give different options for the final vehicles with the benefits over battery electric vehicles that will open up the possibilities for EAV’s future sales.

“We’re obsessed with weight at EAV because that’s where energy is used and also wasted,” continued Barmby. “If we’re powered by hydrogen, we can look at the use of these vehicles and seriously consider them completely replacing vans in all towns and cities worldwide. Rapid refueling and deployment, capable of increased loads with better operating efficiency than any current EV or combustion engine van at a significantly lower cost, with no tailpipe emissions or tire or brake particulate pollution. Lightweight means less damage to city roads and pavements, meaning savings for city councils and an altogether safer and more pleasant place to live and work. EAV has a complete Transport Futures program to revolutionize the urban environment, and the hydrogen-powered H2EAV is the next step toward a simply better future.”