eBay Germany speeds up delivery times

eBay marketplace sellers in Germany will now have the option of same day collection of goods they have sold from their trading sites.

The eBay-Instant Shipping by FIEGE service is being launched in Dresden and Berlin with a view to expansion across the country in the coming months. The service aims to help smaller companies achieve similar delivery service levels to their larger rivals while focusing on trading with their customers.

According to eBay, “the service relies on convenient delivery of goods, flexible binding contracts and safe and fast shipping.”

eBay explains on its website the way the service works: “With the first label purchase by 12:30 p.m., the same-day pick-up is booked at the same time. Other shipments booked by 2:30 p.m. will also be taken on the same day. The collection will then take place at the dealer’s location between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Every shipment receives a guaranteed scan when the goods are handed over, and from that moment on, the usual seller protection takes effect. In addition, order import and shipment tracking are integrated into the process. The “eBay instant shipping by FIEGE” also ensures compliance with the standards for eBay Plus, which is a clear advantage for customers. The offer is flexible and without contractual obligations: There are no minimum quantities, no contract period and the service can be booked daily.”

Oliver Klinck, MD of eBay Germany said, “It is our aim to stand by the dealers on our marketplace in a spirit of partnership – with all the challenges of e-commerce. This also includes shipping, which is why I am pleased that we have created a new, flexible and fast shipping solution together with FIEGE.”

Martin Rademaker, CEO of the FIEGE Group added, “Online marketplaces offer good sales opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized commercial sellers. However, shipping logistics are often expensive and difficult to plan due to small order quantities and daily changing shipment volumes. We have now solved this problem together with eBay.”

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