eBay – surge in UK small business entry to marketplace

eBay reported that more than 36,000 UK small businesses have joined the marketplace since 2015.

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay in the UK, said: “Britain’s small business scene is booming, fuelled by a desire for greater flexibility, independence and empowerment. It’s this attitude, coupled with an agile approach to decision-making, that means our sellers have what it takes to keep British business ahead of the pack.”

Behind the figures lie some key drivers including the freedom to choose working hours (33%) and make their own decisions (30%) according to the eBay Small Business Barometer.

According to eBay : 43% of UK small businesses feel positive about their growth prospects in 2019, compared to just 22% who are pessimistic – a margin of two to one.

Even with Brexit induced uncertainty some 62% of UK small businesses plan to increase their investments in 2019.

The Small Business Barometer suggested that digital retail is to play a key role in business success in 2019. Online sales (225) and increased product lines (14%) are set to be key small business drivers in 2019 according to their owners.


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