EC publishes Consumer Conditions Scoreboard

Announcing the publication of the EU 2017 Consumer Conditions Scoreboard, the European Commission (EC) stated, “More and more EU consumers are shopping online.”

The Consumer Conditions Scoreboard aims to provide “an overview of how the Single Market works for EU consumers”. It has also revealed that EU consumers’ trust in e-commerce has improved, and in particular an appetite has grown for buying online from other countries in the EU.

While consumers may be happy to buy from abroad, the supply isn’t always there. The Consumer Conditions Scoreboard showed that many retailers are still reluctant to expand their online activities and continue to have worries about selling online to people in other countries, even those within the EU.

“Such concerns are mainly linked to a higher risk of fraud and non-payment in cross-border sales, different tax regulations, differences in national contract law and in consumer protection rules,” according to today’s EC statement .

Věra Jourová, the EC Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, commented: “ My priority has been to improve trust of the people and smaller retailers in the Digital Single Market. Consumers are now more confident when they shop online. And we’ve equipped them with a quick procedure to get their money back if something goes wrong, even when buying from another country. The challenge now is to encourage more businesses to respond to this growing demand.”

The sector continues to grow and may leave the UK at a disadvantage after Brexit as doors are slammed shut to businesses seeking to do as the EU wants them to do within its borders – trade freely and without customs or trade barriers…

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