EiraTech launches new warehouse robot

Dublin based developer of warehouse robotics solutions EiraTech has announced that it has launched the latest version of its EiraBot system.

According to the technology company, the EiraBot v4 automated guided vehicle (AGV) has been improved on several fronts. It has twice the acceleration of its predecessor, enhanced safety features, increased battery life, better suspension and perhaps most importantly a 30% reduction of robot height. This last feature will mean that there is more space for storage on racks.

“These improvements in performance and safety features allows EiraBot to work right up to its industrial capacity, offering the best solution for e-fulfilment centres of all sizes,” claimed Alexey Tabolkin CEO EiraTech.

“By isolating the repetitive processes that can be done more efficiently by robots, it enables people to work at the speed of the robots, rather than having the robots work at the speed of people”.

EiraTech’s new robot is a ‘goods to person’ robot, that finds and brings the correct goods and in the correct order to pickers fulfilling orders in the warehouse. The system developed by EiraTech not only incorporates the EiraBots but also shelving rack schemes that are flexible, order management software as well as a WiFi connected communications system.

Robotics are a major interest for companies with warehousing and fulfilment centres and we will see these environments get a lot more automated in the coming years. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos regularly attends robotics conferences in this regard, and Amazon will be a major customer of future integrated warehouse robotics systems.