Element Logic and RHR develop piece picker

Software company Element Logic is working with RightHand Robotics (RHR) in a commercial test project integrating Element Logic’s software system for managing AutoStore with the robotics company’s piece picking system.

RHR’s RightPick robotic piece picking system uses cameras for eyes as well as an advanced gripper. The robot has a graphic processing unit designed to process the vast amount of data required for the process quickly. It uses machine learning to perform various tasks, learning how to grip packages in various shapes and sizes in the most practical and efficient way.

The theory behind the companies’ partnership is that any warehouse using Element Logic’s solution to increase their level of automation, decrease operational costs, and increase overall profit. It will be particularly useful in e-commerce and distribution centres.

“This is the future of intralogistics. This is cutting edge technology. Our new RHR project could help to further enhance Element Logic’s AutoStore solution. We are still in the test phase, but we are encouraged by the advances our team of experts have made so far,” said Element Logic chief technology officer Steinar Overbeck Cook.

If the test project is successful, Element Logic hopes to add RightPick to its product portfolio in late 2019 or early 2020.


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