Emissions cheat clampdown supported by FTA

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has showed support for the recent action taken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in clamping down on so-called ‘emissions cheat devices’.

At the quarterly meeting of FTA members’ representatives in London, the FTA’s UK Road Freight Council issued the following statement: “DVSA and the Traffic Commissioners are acting in a responsible and proportionate way on behalf of the sector to clamp down on those whose illegal actions are bringing the logistics industry into disrepute.

“Freight operators are one of the most highly regulated businesses in the world, and the actions of a very small minority are causing the Traffic Commissioners to question the repute of all operator licence holders, which cannot be allowed to continue.

“The logistics industry has made significant investment in the development of cleaner vehicles, including diesel, to reach the point that the Euro VI standard is now contributing to the improvement of air quality across the country. Wilful defiance and evasion of these standards have no place in the modern logistics industry.”

The crackdown the FTA supports seems to have come after an investigative TV programme showed the ease with which companies can buy special devices to fool the truck’s onboard computer into believing it has Ad Blue in the tank, as well as emerging computer software hacks to do the same.