Escher: parcel technology is the future for postal operators

Postal and logistics software providers Escher have published their annual report, ‘Future of Post’ that assesses the postal technology market through the eyes of postal operators and delivery companies. A desire for technology that drives cost efficiency and cross-border e-commerce is the highest priority among delivery companies at present according to the Escher report.

‘Future of Post’ is based on feedback from some 129 respondents in 52 national postal operators around the world. It somewhat unsurprisingly shows that parcel sorting and delivery technology is the primary focus for postal operators worldwide thanks to the overall changes in the market, but also that cross-border e-commerce is increasingly taking centre stage. Managing and taking advantage of the explosive growth in e-commerce traffic is a core focus too.

The report shows that 83% of the postal operators surveyed had adopted a new solution or approach to meet the additional demands of the global pandemic. However, the highest priority is to invest in parcel technology and business over the next five years, as well as acting quickly to capture and manage market share of e-commerce.

“This year was one like no other and there is no denying that the world as we know it at least for the foreseeable future has changed drastically,” explained Nick Manolis, CEO, Escher.

“Posts everywhere continue to demonstrate to the world just how essential they are, delivering critical packages, and preserving access to vital deliveries even under the most challenging circumstances.

“The results from this year’s survey clearly show business priorities are moving toward initiatives that drive greater efficiencies, improve customer retention, and yield greater revenue opportunities.”