EURODIS volumes grow 9%

Parcel and pallet network EURODIS has increased its volumes by 9% in 2018, a growth of double the rate of 2017.

“Although we hoped to achieve a double digit growth at the beginning of last year, we are very pleased with this outcome for three main reasons”, commented Christian Knoblich, managing director of EURODIS GmbH.

The company, based in Weinheim Germany, is steering the European network. “Firstly, with nine percent increase we grew again above market average. Secondly, we achieved a high growth rate in our core segment B2B as well as with B2C shipments.” EURODIS introduced deliveries to consumers (2C) in 2015. Today the whole transport volume between companies is still building the vast majority of all EURODIS transports, while 2C is growing faster than 2B. “Thirdly, due to new solutions and partners in our network, we are confident to increase the nine percent growth rate this year in the future and to realise the double digit pace we barely missed in 2018.”

Two developments at the company give Knoblich optimism. “We will see strong new partners working with EURODIS this year”, the manager adds. “We recently introduced the Geis Group in Poland to our network and because of their broad service portfolio assume that there will be a significant increase of shipments into Poland.”

“Additionally, we will present at least one more strong partner in an important EUROPEAN country this year and this will again speed up our growth.”

Knoblich has been at the helm of the company for 2.5 years, and expects another boost of growth to come from imports from Asia: ”We already have some import shipments from China and other strong Asian export countries. But starting this year, EURODIS will provide a new dedicated solution for this via one of our partners.”