Europa invests heavily in Italy

Logistics company Europa Road has said it has invested heavily in its Italian operation since Europa was acquired by its MD Andrew Baxter.

In a statement, Europa Worldwide (the parent company) said: “In the previous year (2017) Europa Road saw growth in its UK paid consignments, to and from Italy, grow by 20% – of which export consignments from the UK to Italy are up 24% against the same period in 2016. In the same period, volume has risen by 21%. Europa Road together with its partner in Italy are now moving close to 1,000 consignments per week and more than 700,000kg between the UK and France.”

Dan Cook, Operations Director at Europa Worldwide, commented: “Italy is now the third largest groupage market we operate (behind Germany and France), and our growth is in line with most of our other main European routes. However, Italy, unlike Germany, is far less industrialised in its spread, with far more concentration in and around the central North which can make domestic distribution more challenging, often leading to a more fragmented product.

“A year ago we took a decision to retract from regional partners, which is quite typical, to instead route all inbound as well as outbound traffic through a single partner hub in Como. This allowed enough critical mass in one place, to drive a more consistent level of connection, and today we operate a structured 3 x per day round trip between Dartford and Como. This is a hugely structured product, which has brought us a robust and reliable offering, together with good transit times, and a high level of track and trace information for our clients.

“What this means is that every eight hours a double manned groupage trailer leaves Dartford to Italy, and leaves Como to the UK. I believe this creates a quicker and more reliable product than anything else in the market today. Germany and France are one thing, but to operate in this way to Italy I think is really something special.”

In total Europa Road sends a minimum of 25 groupage trailers each day to and from its £30m 1hub facility in Dartford.

Cook added: “Our strategy is to become the leading road freight operator between the UK and Italy, which is why, as well as picking the perfect partners to suit our model, we have carefully selected our routes. Generating critical mass to one area, to force frequency of service and flexibility or despatch, underpins our operating model.”