Europa Road launches “Money Back Express” service

Europa Road is offering customers a full refund of freight charges if goods are not delivered within their defined and agreed transit time. The service is called the Money Back Express (MBX) service.

According to Europa Road, this is “something which no other logistics business is currently offering on express shipments which move through a network”.

Europa Road Sales Director Dionne Redpath said: “MBX is a straightforward guarantee and is simple in its offering. If we fail to achieve the criteria of the express – which is very unlikely of course! – but if we do, the customer will receive a full refund of freight charges for that shipment swiftly and with no discussion.

Redpath continued, “Moving a shipment as an MBX will provide real peace of mind to our customers where timings are exacting and the consequences of failure are significant. Where the stakes are high, the product needs to provide enhanced care and attention but, more importantly, a clear proposition outlining what will happen if failure did occur – even if that failure was outside of Europa’s control. MBX does that in a way that no other product or service can do and we’re really excited to be able to offer such a robust and unique solution to our customers from the beginning of September.”

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