Europa Road simplifies Italian operations

Logistics firm Europa Road has announced it is to simplify its operating model in Italy through working with just one Italian company, Como based Bianchi.

Up until recently, Europa Road have been working with as many as five Italian companies including Bianchi, routing all its export traffic through them for the whole country.

Europa Road have released a statement that says simplifying the model is designed to “improve transit times, drive down costs and provide an even better track and trace function to customers”.

Operations Director at Europa, Dan Cook, said Como-based Bianchi had proved to be an extremely reliable and efficient partner and as demand continued to grow, the choice to route all of Europa Road’s Italian traffic via Bianchi was an obvious one.

Cook added: “Investing in a second Italian daily line last year was a bold move, but it was the right move – because it meant we could ensure the best possible choice and connectivity for our customers.

“Bianchi has since opened up branches in other parts of Italy which have daily connections to and from Como. Our decision to route all of our Italian traffic through them means we can offer our customers a daily import and export service from all over Italy – which we haven’t been able to offer before.”

The service will continue to operate between Europa’s £30m groupage facility, 1hub, in Dartford and Italy.

Currently, Europa has 36 road routes servicing Europe, 20 of which operate as daily services.
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