Europa Worldwide turnover increases by 24%

Palletised logistics company Europa Worldwide has reported that its 2017 turnover increased by 24% to £144 million. Net profit went up to £3.2 million from £1.1 million. Europa Worldwide have stated they are aiming at a £400 million annual turnover by 2022.

In a statement, Europa added that its net assets now stand at £6.8m compared to £3.7m.

Finance Director at Europa Worldwide Group Rob Ross commented: “The 2017 results are our best yet and tell the story of a really positive, solid year of growth for our business. These figures show progression across all four divisions of Europa and are testament to the clear, concise and consolidated business plan implemented following the acquisition of the business four years ago.

“Our focus now is the next five years. In 2018 we hope to move turnover close to the £200m mark, with a target of £4.5m of net profit. We’re setting ambitious yet achievable goals for Europa which we’re confident we’ll hit in the timeframes we’ve set ourselves. Our core product is now rock solid and every single area of the business is profitable – which is a huge transformation in the space of four years.”

Managing Director at Europa Worldwide Group Andrew Baxter added: “In spite of organic growth running at 24%, 2017 was a year of comparative stability for us following the restructuring that occurred in the previous 3 years. Our ethos has always been that movement is essential in order to achieve our goals. We shouldn’t fear the changes that are necessary to sort out and simplify our operations just because they are difficult in the short term – as that’s how we get the best long term results.”

Baxter continued: “Our goal for 2018 and beyond is to continue to make substantive steps forward in each division of the business both in terms of organic growth and acquisitions – initially in Road and then in Air & Sea – developing our footprint in Asia and looking to opening new, bigger and better facilities in our warehousing division.

“The overarching goal is for Europa to be pushing towards the £400m turnover mark by 2022, effectively doubling in size again. We recognise how ambitious this aim is, but with our commitment to driving down costs and driving up quality, whilst maintaining our growth mindset and improving our competitive edge, it is certainly achievable.”