Europe Lockers: Reducing Parcel Carriers Delivery Cost

Europe Lockers has announced it is launching a new, low cost parcel locker business in the UK and Europe with a flexible commercial approach for selling, leasing and managing parcel locker networks for carriers.

Juan Sotolongo, CEO of Europe Lockers is quoted as stating “The expanding growth in e-commerce, and the resulting increase in parcel deliveries, is calling out for new solutions in home parcel deliveries.

Sotolongo continued, “Parcel lockers have not taken off in Europe, primarily due to cost reasons. We intend to change this by offering parcel carriers a much lower cost basis and a flexible commercial approach.”

Frank Proud, CEO of delivery market analysts Apex Insight stated “Our most recent research on the deployment of parcel lockers found that the numbers deployed had grown by 36% in the previous year. We expect to see growth continue at similar rates in future as carriers look to reduce last mile costs, regulators push for lower carbon and countries which have been slow to adopt lockers catch up.”

Juan Sotolongo added, “With this growth rate, and our much lower cost for lockers, which we secure by working with some of the largest global suppliers based in China, we are very excited about the future. I am looking forward to talking to the parcel carriers, on how we can work to reduce their delivery cost.”