Europol arrests book warehouse crime gang

As part of a Europol investigation fifteen members of a Romanian crime gang have been arrested for stealing several priceless books from a secure warehouse in Feltham. The books included first editions from the 16th and 17th Centuries and were authored by Galileo and Isaac Newton among others.

The thefts occurred in January 2017 when they were being stored at the warehouse ahead of being shipped to Los Angeles where they were going to be displayed at a book fair. The heist involved avoiding all security systems before the books were rapidly shipped out of the UK.

The European police force Europol coordinated the arrests, which were done at the same time as raids in several other European countries. According to Europol, “National authorities conducted simultaneously 45 house searches (28 in Romania, 4 in Italy and 13 in the United Kingdom). As a result, 15 suspects were arrested in the United Kingdom and Romania.”


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