EV Cargo sees boom in demand

While some sectors collapse in the face of reduced demand, the logistics sector in parts is seeing a boom. 3PL providers EV Cargo has said it has seen ‘Christmas levels’ of demand in recent weeks, and is working with other hauliers to get goods to customers.

To meet demand EV Cargo is working with subcontractors and other hauliers. It is also working with customers that have relaxed their delivery time slot restrictions in a collective effort to keep goods flowing.

Meanwhile Jigsaw called for spare capacity among other hauliers and generated more than 150 responses in 48 hours. CM Downton has moved driver and vehicle resource from manufacturing-based customers to food and drink.

In order to guarantee capacity to meet demand over the period, EV Cargo has split planning teams over number of different depots, and separated staff to ensure their wellbeing.

Duncan Eyre, chief executive at EV Cargo Logistics, said: “Driven by the increased demand for groceries created by the likelihood of an extended COVID-19 lock-down, our current food and beverage volumes are at Christmas levels.

“We’re working closely with other quieter hauliers and traction providers to manage the situation and there’s a different atmosphere across the industry – a real spirit of everyone cooperating and collaborating to ensure the shelves stay full. Our grocery customers have relaxed delivery slot restrictions and are working closely with us to manage volumes.”