Evri aims at being UK’s most sustainable delivery company

UK delivery company Evri has published its first environmental, social and governance (ESG) report to meet UK corporate law, and has announced plans to become the UK’s most sustainable delivery business.

The ESG report looks at ket achievements and performance data as well as the challenges and opportunities it has faced in the last 12 months. It has stated the aim of reaching net zero in direct and indirect emissions by 2035.

According to Evri’s ESG report it has begun using 100% renewable energy in all its operations, and is investing heavily in alternative bio-fuels in its HGV fleet while planning a new EV delivery fleet. It is planning zero emission final-mile deliveries too. For its self-employed couriers, the company is improving the benefits offered for their working with it including paid holiday, pensions and parental leave. For meeting its ESG targets, its senior leadership will receive bonuses, and throughout the company, every employee and courier is to receive ESG training.

Fash Sawyer, chief transformation officer at Evri said, “As a responsible carrier, we recognise our impact on the environment and we are pushing sustainability and ethics to the forefront of our operating model. We are committed to delivering a better future for the planet, including our people, our customers and retail partners, and wider communities.”

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