Fahour remains at Aramex after leaving Australia Post

Controversial MD and CEO of Australia Post Ahmed Fahour had his last day at work today (Friday 28th July), after 7.5 years at the helm. Australia Post however have asked Fahour to remain as the postal operator’s nominee director on the board of Aramex for a period of up to six months.

Australia Post said in a statement: “His additional time as an Aramex director is in the best interests of the business, ensuring continuity in the role while Australia Post transitions to new Managing Director and Group CEO, Christine Holgate. Ms Holgate will take up her new position at Australia Post in late October.

“Aramex will be responsible for any director’s fee payable to Mr Fahour, as well as any associated costs such as for travel.

“The Australia Post Board retains the right to replace Mr Fahour as the nominee director on the Board of Aramex at any time throughout the interim period.

“Australia Post’s relationship with Aramex is important in its strategy to grow parcel volumes and secure jobs by connecting Australian businesses and consumers with emerging global eCommerce markets, particularly in Asia. The alliance between Australia Post and Aramex includes a Singapore-based joint venture eCommerce business.”

Fahour stood down after controversy surrounding his latest pay agreement at the top of Australia Post. As happens all too often in the UK, the Australian public weren’t too happy and this led to the foreshortening of his career.

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