FB Canada Express expects record peak season

Wholesale express delivery provider FB Canada Express has announced it is ready for the coming peak season where it expects volume records to be broken.

FB Canada Express provides international courier companies with links to Canadian delivery companies so they can access the domestic and B2B markets. Its services also include customs clearance, event tracking, and return logistics.

“With the Canadian postal strike that occurred last year during peak season, we had to make significant investments to rapidly increase our capacity,” said Nicholas Timmins, CFO at FB Canada Express. “Our goal was to meet the needs of international courier clients who were forced to find an alternative solution for their B2C shipments entering Canada. Our technology and infrastructure upgrades helped support this sudden increase in demand and will definitely help support the future growth we see coming this year.”

According to John Sproat, COO at FB Canada Express, shipping volumes are expected to be particularly high during the 2019 holiday period. “As Black Friday/Cyber Monday approaches, we anticipate a much larger peak season this year. We can already see it based on what has arrived so far,” he said.

“Whether it’s B2B/B2C or a mix of DDP/DDU, our clients take full advantage of our flexible approach to maximise the value of their existing line hauls.”


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