FedEx – Canadians keep on shopping…

According to logistics giant FedEx, Canada’s Christmas shopping season has been extended for e-commerce retailers because gift cards have been such a popular gift and people are still redeeming them long after the traditional peak has passed.

FedEx Express Canada has commissioned a survey of 1510 Canadians where 35% of respondents have reported using gift cards within a month of receiving them. The same survey also showed that those who redeem gift cards online say that they prefer online redemption as they can avoid queues in stores (58%), and that their packages are sent directly to them (54%).

The FedEx survey also discovered that only one in four gifts are exchanged or returned in Canada. Where it comes to making returns, half of the survey respondents who return items purchased online agree that it is convenient to do so, while 54% agreed that returning online purchases is simple and straightforward.

“E-commerce is the new normal in Canada. Each year, we see continued growth of online shopping throughout our FedEx network, especially around the holiday season,” said Lisa Lisson, president of FedEx Express Canada.

“Canadians are also continuing to click and ship even after the holidays, extending the holiday shopping season and allowing FedEx to provide dependable shipping solutions by handling e-commerce shipments and returns post-holiday.”

Traditional sales periods have been eclipsed with price cuts throughout the year online as different retailers charge lower rates throughout the year for their goods anyway. Boxing Day sales aren’t always the best time to buy, and it seems that many Canadians have caught onto this… 
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