FedEx expects up to 400m parcels in peak season

FedEx expects a record number of packages to be shipped across its global network in the 2017 peak season.

The delivery company expects to handle between 380 million to 400 million packages throughout the peak season, that officially starts on the 24th November and ends on Christmas Eve.

FedEx maintained that the growth of cross-border e-commerce is turning the peak shipping season into “a truly global phenomenon”.

The company added: “Cross-border shopping will make up 20% of e-commerce sales by 2022, led by Asia Pacific which will be the largest cross-border e-commerce region for both imports and exports.”

A well organised company that doesn’t trim its margins too far should have a boom this peak season wherever they are in the world. As ever some even quite large delivery firms don’t find sufficient efficiencies in their business model to compete and while those who have the balance right will be laughing all the way to the bank, others may suffer significantly or go under. Let’s see how the coming peak season treats the delivery ecosystem…
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