FedEx Express operations going well despite Brexit

FedEx Express has released a statement saying their Brexit preparations have worked well. Just 0.5% of packages leaving the UK for the EU have had incorrect paperwork – a problem that has dogged other couriers such as DPD.

Trevor Hoyle, SVP, Ground Operations Europe and FedEx Brexit Lead said: “FedEx has spent four years refining our Brexit plans, investing in systems and resources for the transition and preparing our customers for the new trading environment. We have over four decades of experience in cross-border trade and a deep expertise in customs clearance, which we have drawn on to support our customers get Brexit-ready and have the right processes and documentation in place.”

Hoyle concluded, “So far, our preparations are proving effective. Currently only 0.5% of parcels due to leave the UK to the EU via FedEx’s road network had missing customs paperwork. This tells us our Brexit operating plans have been executed, our network is stable, and our customers are navigating the change successfully. We are open for international business on Brexit lanes and will continue to do everything we can to support our customers through this transition.”