FedEx Express supports Trans Pacific Partnership deal

International next day express delivery business, FedEx has expressed pleasure that negotiators have reached agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty between the US and several other countries in Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

The TPP is designed to tackle obstacles to trade between the US, Canada, Japan and several other nations in the region. Much of the negotiations have been held in secret with minimal information released to the media or public on the detail of the treaty. It will cover 40% of the global economy.

The statement from FedEx Express’s Executive Vice President David Cunningham said, “We look forward to reviewing the details of what we expect will be a landmark agreement that will benefit U.S. businesses and workers.”

Another trade treaty is being worked out between the US, Canada and EU called the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that follows similar lines to the TPP. Negotiations are under way but should result in agreement between the parties shortly.

Now the negotiators have agreed the TPP, individual nations must sign up before the agreement comes into force.