FedEx Express uses TNT network to improve EU service

FedEx has announced that further integration with its recent acquisition TNT has given it the opportunity to improve its intra-Europe Economy express shipping.

The intra-Europe Economy parcel shipments are those that are delivered within the EU within 2-5 days. The company claims that this will improve deliveries for around 40% of its European customers, a significant number of which are SMEs engaged in e-commerce. FedEx said in a statement, “This cross-utilization of the combined FedEx Express and TNT networks is a major step towards full integration of the operations and delivers efficiencies as well as service benefits for customers.”

“This is an exciting development for our customers and our team members, as the benefits of integration are coming to life through a faster, more comprehensive service for businesses trading within Europe,” said Bert Nappier, president of FedEx Express and CEO of TNT.  “Through integration with TNT we are building Europe’s premier logistics business, and the integration of our economy networks takes us one step closer.”

Currently FedEx Express is focusing on improving services in the UK, Germany, Benelux, Spain and Poland, with plans to roll out new improved service across the whole of Europe in the first half of this year.

The company statement continued, “Through integration with TNT, FedEx Express has significantly increased its presence in the European market.  TNT’s road network operates 55,000 weekly road trips, across more than 540 depots and 45 countries in Europe.  Prior to the acquisition, Europe FedEx already served 46 airports across the continent, and operated more than 39 aircraft and more than 5,000 vehicles on the road.”


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