FedEx installs charging network for CA electric fleet

As part of its plans to take delivery of 1,000 Chanje electric vans for its California operations, FedEx has started installing DC fast chargers at 42 stations across the state.

In November FedEx announced the order of the delivery vehicles and began installing the infrastructure in January. Under the deal it is to buy 100 outright from Chanje and is to lease a further 900 from Ryder System.

Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer at FedEx, said, “The vehicles and DC charging infrastructure will not only help FedEx meet our operational efficiency and sustainability goals, but provide learning, scaling and experience to others in the vehicle electrification journey. We believe this will be a game-changer.”

The DC chargers are to supply more energy than standard Level 2 chargers and will be able to allow the vehicles to maximise their time on the road without the abuse that comes from ultra-fast charging (a 150kW charge can significantly reduce battery life if used repeatedly on current batteries for example).

In developing its in-house network so FedEx will be able to run its fleet without recourse to public charging networks, saving money over time.