FedEx joins Tesla semi order book

US logistics giant FedEx has ordered 20 Tesla semi-trucks, that are due to go into production in 2019.

The new trucks are to be used by FedEx Freight, the less-than-truckload division.

“FedEx has a long history of innovation and incorporating sustainability efforts throughout its global network,” said FedEx Freight president and chief executive Mike Ducker. “Our investment in these trucks is part of our commitment to improving road safety while also reducing our environmental impact.”

According to FedEx it has saved more than 632 million litres of fossil fuel in the last 10 years through its activities of using more efficient delivery vans and trucks, as well as using electric vehicles, natural gas, fuel cells, hybrids and clean truck technologies.

From Tesla’s perspective this could be at least as interesting as the roll out of the Model 3, which had more than 400,000 pre-orders before a single car was built at its factory. Famed for re-inventing the wheel, Tesla will have to work hard at ironing out the wrinkles before going head to head with the major players like Volvo, Scania and US companies. Major logistics players like FedEx, UPS and DHL are queuing up to get their hands on a new Tesla semi in hope that the vehicles will be as amazing as the Tesla Model S.

Remembering that Tesla is only a major player because Elon Musk is so brilliant at marketing – and lacks the physical turnover to match auto makers of a similar market cap – one can only hope that old Elon pulls the semi rabbit out of the hat as he seems to have done the Model 3!