FedEx launches Reusable Pak

Hot on the heels of a similar announcement from La Poste earlier this week, FedEx Express Europe has launched its FedEx Reusable Pak. This is a reusable packaging solution, available in small, medium and large sizes, that can take packages of up to 2.5kgs. Padded packaging is also available.

The Reusable Park is designed to be resealable so the original packaging can be used for returns without added waste. It is offered to new and existing customers without extra charge, alongside FedEx’s other packaging solutions.

Research by the International Post Corporation suggests that consumers are aware of the problems of packaging waste and would like their packaging to be more sustainable. The FedEx Reusable Pak has been tested to ensure that no additional tape is required and that the package itself is securely sealed when reused.

“While e-commerce returns cannot always be avoided, we see a growing consumer awareness around reducing and reusing packaging. The Reusable Pak is one way we can make sustainable choices easier for our customers and their customers,” said David Canavan, Chief Operating Officer, FedEx Express Europe.

This is part of the logistics giant’s push for carbon neutrality by 2040 by adding to the circular economy. .

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