FedEx offers express customs clearance in S China

FedEx’s South China Xiamen and Guangzhou export gateways are now offering rapid customs services for cross-border e-commerce companies’ B2B export shipments.

The new service comes thanks to new Chinese customs policies developed during a cross-border export B2B supervision pilot programme implemented by Chinese authorities.

The new express customs service applies to cross-border B2B direct export and export to overseas warehouses. The offering includes simplified declaration, priority inspection and return account management. They can now export in batches as opposed to sending parcels with individual air waybills.

“FedEx has been fully supporting and cooperating with Customs in various innovation and reform programmes,” said Eddy Chan, senior vice president of FedEx China. “We are committed to providing convenient and efficient customs clearance services for Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises. That is why we are jointly promoting the high-quality development of China’s cross-border e-commerce industry with China Customs. The new model will be especially beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises, which generally export large quantities of goods but at low unit prices. The new clearance method can further reduce their logistics costs, improve customs clearance efficiency and help them expand to overseas markets more rapidly.”