FedEx relaunches Bongo International as FedEx CrossBorder

FedEx has relaunched its international e-commerce platform Bongo International as FedEx CrossBorder. The platform addresses many problems that client companies face when their customers from abroad wish to buy from them, that have significant abandoned cart rates that FedEx CrossBorder hopes to prevent in future.

The technology enables e-tailers to navigate cross border technology challenges such as regulatory compliance, multi-currency pricing, secure payment processing and credit card fraud prevention that often baulk US domestic e-tailers. This platform should enable them to reach out to customers all over the world.

James R. Muhs, president and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks, said: “FedEx CrossBorder expands the FedEx portfolio and provides e-tailers with opportunities to ship locally and grow internationally. E-tailers ship their orders to one of our domestic locations, and FedEx CrossBorder gets the orders to the customers’ international destinations.”

The platform can be plugged into existing e-commerce platforms and thereby enable seamless exporting on the part of companies that use it.

“Only about one-third of U.S. based global e-commerce sites accept foreign currencies, and research tells us that customers are more likely to abandon shopping carts that only show U.S. dollar pricing,” said Chip Hull, vice president, FedEx CrossBorder.

“FedEx CrossBorder addresses international purchasing obstacles with a seamless checkout and delivery approach that accepts over 80 currencies, provides 15 payment options, manages multiple delivery options, and offers credit card fraud protection, all through a single platform.”

Cross border e-commerce is the next big thing in internet sales as international delivery becomes ever easier. Many delivery companies are looking at solutions for their customers as these could well improve business for them in the coming years.