FedEx – robot sorting arms installed in Memphis hub

FedEx has installed for robotic sorting arms at its Memphis hub in the US.

The four arms use suction to grab small parcels out of bins and place them onto conveyors in the hub. Between the four they replace three FedEx sorting hub staff.

Aaron Prather, senior advisor for technology planning and research at FedEx Express said “We see automation as an opportunity to enhance our team members’ jobs, make them more comfortable and easy, and above all, as safe as possible. Incorporating this robotic installation at the Memphis hub has given team members the opportunity to take on additional tasks within the operations.”

Prather said that the goal is not to use robots to replace staff. “We’ve progressed our work with robots and automation. FedEx Ground has been working with Vecna Robotics to test their autonomous tuggers to facilitate the movement of oversized goods within their hub operations.”