FedEx sponsors Balkans road safety programme

In an attempt to tackle cycling deaths in Balkan cities, FedEx Express and the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety have launched the Safer Cycling Advocate Programme over the next two years.

Under the programme, the European Cyclists Federation is to define safe cycling practices proven successful in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. This information is to be fed to community organisations that are looking to tackle cycling injuries and deaths on Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian roads.

While European roads are some of the safest in the world for cyclists, the European Commission estimates that the social costs of road traffic accidents with vulnerable road users is around €100 billion. Eight per cent of road traffic fatalities in Europe are cyclists. The three Balkan countries are seeking growths in cycling but have ‘pressing needs’ to improve cycling and road safety.

Rock Sherman, vice president, European Road Network, FedEx Express said: “As the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety nears to a close, this is the ideal moment to deliver a significant push towards safer roads in Europe… Road safety has long been a focus area for us.  By collaborating with a non-profit that connects road safety charities, we are helping to share valuable information with organisations looking to deliver positive change in their own communities.”


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