FedEx supports Dutch sustainable transport projects

FedEx Express Europe has agreed to help fund a set of sustainable transport projects in the Netherlands through Dutch non-profit Natuur & Milieu.

In the next 12 months the FedEx Express Europe funding will support the charity to deliver three projects that will support small and medium businesses to move towards zero emissions fleets and distribution centres, and supporting the uptake of synthetic aviation fuel to reduce aircraft emissions.

The rationale behind the funding is that goods transport in the Netherlands contributes 12% of its national CO2 emissions. “We’re excited to embark on these projects with the support of global transportation provider FedEx Express. Our ambition is that this collaboration will lead to sustainable logistics solutions becoming readily available and accessible on the one hand, while stimulating a significant reduction in CO2 emissions generated by the transport sector on the other. We look forward to working together on achieving climate goals in Europe,” said Marjolein Demmers, Director of Natuur & Milieu.

At the same time, FedEx Express Europe is to lend the support of its cross-functional sustainability department to support the projects. “Electrification of our own parcel pick-up and delivery fleet and readying our facilities now to meet the needs of the future are both important components in how FedEx Express will move towards carbon neutral operations in Europe. In collaborating with Natuur & Milieu, we’re proud to be able to play a role in enabling zero emissions solutions on a broader scale. Whether reducing road transport emissions to zero, replacing energy and infrastructure to future-proof distribution centres, or revolutionising aviation with synthetic fuels, we are enabling more sustainable logistics from the ground up,” said David Canavan, Chief Operating Officer, FedEx Express.