Feelunique launches new tracking service

UK and international online beauty retailer Feelunique has partnered with French IT company ITinSell to launch their Delivery Management Centre. This is an integrated delivery system that enables mobile friendly, interactive tracking of customers’ parcels worldwide.

The new system aims to improve customer experience by offering a consistent, easy and standardised tracking process regardless of the shipping method the customer selects. It will be available in seven languages – French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese. Soon the system will also be available in Arabic and Chinese. It will operate in all of the company’s markets.

According to the company, the Delivery Management Centre will take the lead in gaining visibility from the customer’s perspective in the key areas of delivery and packaging – the final stage of a customer’s journey in e-commerce.

Craig Wheeler, Operations Director at Feelunique said, “The largest volume of calls to our Customer Service Centre come from customers asking when they will receive their delivery.  With the introduction of our customer tracking portal we are empowering our customers to be in a position to monitor their delivery every step of the way. We will also be able to compare carrier performance from the day it left our Distribution Centre, to delivery to the customer.”

The new tracking portal allows customers to track the progress of their delivery from their device of choice, be that PC, tablet or mobile and provide feedback on the quality and speed of delivery once it has arrived. Feelunique is also using the system to proactively contact customers who have had a negative delivery experience to rectify their issues as quickly as possible and ensure that the highest standards of service are maintained.

Wheeler added, “To ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of service to our customers, we plan to share the information we gather on our website, to give a true picture of our delivery speeds, packaging quality and carrier feedback. This will allow our customers to make informed choices on which delivery solution suits them best based on the feedback of fellow customers.”

Florent Aonon, Head of UK Sales at ITinSell said, “We were proud to partner with Feelunique on this project, which highlights that logistics innovation is a key strategic lever with e-commerce.”