Fernhay develops UPS electric delivery trailers

A UK company, Fernhay, has developed an electric powered trailer for UPS deliveries. 

The concept is to both tackle congestion and air quality issues but also to aid deliveries and pickups that often need be done within a very tight time-window.

“Climate change and air quality issues can all be dealt with by vans moving from diesels to better diesels or electric vehicles,” said Robin Haycock, director of Fernhay. “The real challenge is congestion – how do you get a parcel to its destination on time for a timed delivery?”

In Haycock’s view, cycle deliveries can work to some extent but cannot be scaleable for the bigger delivery players such as UPS.

“If you really want to make a significant difference then you have to work out a system that is scaleable in large cities at volume. If you try to solve the last mile by just thinking about the last mile you will not solve the problem,” he said.

The Fernhay ‘Fresh’ box trailer has three, 740mm wide boxes in a standard 3.5 tonne trailer. These boxes can be moved throughout the supply chain in much the same way as shipping containers are. Each trailer has a 200kg payload that measures 1.3 cubic metres in volume, and can be linked together like train carriages. 

The electric trailers are in two forms – the Breathe product which is doable by a cycle and an Air that can be pushed/pulled by a walking delivery operator. The boxes are delivered to an under-utilised asset in a town or city such as a shopfront/underground car park where the delivery personnel take them on to their destinations. 


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