Fevad – French online sales to hit €100bn in 2020

French national e-commerce trade association Fevad has shown that the sector is set to see revenues of €100 billion in 2020. This year Fevad say this will hit more than €90bn.

As with many mature economies, French customers are turning toward e-commerce out of convenience and price choices. Smartphones are another factor, improving the convenience of online shopping even more. However for the €90bn revenue mark to be hit, the sector still needs to see a 14.3% increase in revenues this year which even in the strongest growth e-commerce sectors is a pretty big figure. It was worth €72bn in 2016 and €81.7bn in 2018.

During the peak season, according to Fevad French online retail sales saw revenues of €16.5bn.

However, average basket size has fallen by 5% to €65.50. This is the seventh straight year of basket size decline. Fevad say that this is down to a reduction in costs of the sales and delivery process including free shipping and site membership offers. Though the baskets size fell the frequency of shopping increased from 28 transactions in 2016 to 33 in 2018. M-commerce (mobile device commerce) saw a 38% growth in 2018.

As a proportion of retail, even with all this good news for French e-retailers, this growth only represented a 1% increase in sales as a proportion of retail as a whole in the country over the last two years – 8.7% as against 7.7%.


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