Field to look at pay and conditions at Deliveroo

The Chairman of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee Frank Field has launched an inquiry into “pay, working conditions and basic rights at Deliveroo”.

Field and his colleague Andrew Forsey have published a series of reports into other companies including Uber, Hermes and Parcelforce based on testimonies of people who have and are working for the companies. According to Field: “The reports have shone a bright light on the extent of low pay, exploitation, and bogus self-employment afflicting all too many workers at the bottom of the labour market.”

In a statement issued on Monday (18 June), Field said that this latest inquiry will, over the next five weeks, gather evidence from Deliveroo riders in “an attempt to supplement the evidence base on the living standards of workers in the ‘gig economy’, as well as the need for any additional safeguards”.

The inquiry will include a roundtable, organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), at which Deliveroo riders will be invited to give oral evidence. Field said he will also be writing to Deliveroo with a series of questions on riders’ pay and conditions.