Final Christmas shopping weekend going to be good – Metapack

E-commerce delivery management specialist company Metapack is expecting this weekend before Christmas to result in bumper parcels volumes as shoppers do their festive shopping online rather than offline.

This year has shown a different shopping profile to last year, with a well managed cyber weekend, and a significant shift away from the peak shopping profiles of previous years according to Metapack. The company is tracking deliveries using data collected from its delivery management platform.

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend saw record numbers of deliveries, though it seems that shoppers did a large part of their shopping then and not in subsequent weekends as that showed a substantial drop in deliveries. That saying, these were still subject to substantial growth year on year against 2014.

CEO of Metapack Patric Wall said, “The Cyber Weekend was even stronger than anticipated, and very well managed. It was a controlled exercise which started earlier than in previous years and finished later. These additional days made the weight of activity significant in terms of the amount of shopping done and the ability for consumers to take advantage of discounts. The relative increases in the first couple of weeks in December haven’t been as great compared with previous years. All our data says consumers are now catching up and we’ll see a bumper weekend.”

Carrier performance has been consistently high across the peak period, and this was down to “improved communication, collaboration and forecasting within the industry.” The company believes that this has given online shoppers increased confidence to shop closer to Christmas, knowing that their goods will be delivered before the day in question.

Wall said, “The profile this year is entirely different. We get four more shopping days after this weekend; people are likely to be paid on the 21st , 22nd and 23rd ; and because delivery standards have been consistently high across the country, there will be a flurry of activity almost up to Christmas Day.”

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