Finnish B2B e-commerce buyers and sellers disagree on growth

Finnish B2B e-commerce buyers believe that B2B e-commerce is set to grow more quickly than Finnish B2B e-commerce sellers, according to Finnish postal operator Posti.

Some 65% of e-commerce sales in 2018 were B2B in Finland according to Statistics Finland. Both buyers and sellers expect strong growth in the sector, but buyers expected more growth than sellers according to a survey by Posti.

The research by Posti asked Finnish B2B e-commerce sellers to estimate their digital and e-commerce sales in the next five years. By 2025 these firms believe that B2B e-commerce will grow to 33% of their sales, up from 21% today.

B2B Buyers however believe that 51% of the company’s indirect purchases will be made through digital channels. Some 64% of them believe they will make more purchases in this way in the next five years. At the same time, using physical stores and sales reps will decline in the same timeframe.

“In the future, B2B buyers will be increasingly willing to do business online. According to the survey, they are also ready to change their purchase procedures quickly. Experiences and expectations from B2C e-commerce also influence B2B e-commerce: the customer expects the online store to be fast and easy to use. The price must be right but what seals the deal is the smooth purchase and delivery process,” says Matti Pohjanheimo, Business Manager, Parcel & eCommerce at Posti.