First Rivian EDV 700 vans due for delivery in late 2021

Alongside the announcement of a $5 billion factory to be built in the US state of Georgia, EV van and pickup makers Rivian have said that the first of its EDV delivery vans are to be delivered to Amazon later this month.

Amazon helped with the EDV’s development after placing a 100,000 vehicle order with the automotive startup. Thanks to the cooperation with Amazon it uses a proprietary FleetOS fleet management system that was developed jointly with the online giant. Live road testing has been going on for months (that we at Apex Insight reported on as not achieving brilliant results) but the first production vehicles are to join Amazon’s fleet on time as per the original order.

On paper the Rivian EDV 700 vans have an EPA rating of 201 miles of range, though as we reported this is hampered with air conditioning in hot and cold weather in road testing. This presumably has been improved with the promised cab insulation that wasn’t installed in the pre-production test vehicles.

Rivian has announced that a smaller van, the EDV 500, is due for production using the same platform as the EDV 700, and these will be delivered to commercial buyers by the end of 2022.

The vehicles are being built in Normal, Illinois, though it isn’t clear at what volumes thanks to the Rivian R1S SUV and R1T pickups for private users being built at the same facility, and apparently taking priority over the EDV series vans.

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