Flirtey works toward FAA delivery drone certification

In order to expand into the small and medium business e-commerce market, US delivery drone tech company Flirtey has announced it has completed the technology required to certify and expand its production for last mile delivery.

The Flirtey technology in question includes the Flirtey Eagle, a last mile delivery drone; the Flirtey Portal, a take off and landing pad for storefronts; as well as the autonomous software required to enable autonomous flight operations.

According to the company, its drones will achieve faster, lower cost and more convenient delivery. They will also take vehicles off the roads and thereby help tackle congestion and pollution problems as well as increasing the safety of the transport system. Ultimately, the aim is for small and larger businesses alike to operate their own last logistics networks for store-to-door delivery.

“Flirtey is certifying and expanding US production of delivery drones to meet growing demand. Flirtey’s technology enables businesses to operate their own logistics by providing store-to-door drone delivery to customers. Businesses who use Flirtey’s best-in-class technology for last-mile drone delivery become first movers to unlock lower delivery costs and billions in potential new revenue. Flirtey is now taking pre-orders for drone delivery systems,” said Flirtey founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny.

Currently Flirtey is working through the FAA certification process as well as scaling its operations in New Zealand where it already has regulatory approval. Finally the drone delivery company is expanding its US drone production to meet demand.